Visit North America

Visit South America

Visit Africa

Visit Australisia

Visit Asia

Visit Europe

Go Skydiving

Go on Safari

Celebrate New Years in a major city

Dine by the Eiffel Tower

Go to Harry Potter Land in Orlando

Go to Harry Potter Studios

Go on a road trip

Be part of a flash mob

Take a traditional boat trip in Venice

Visit the Ben & Jerrys factory in Vermont

Visit Las Vegas

Ride one of the worlds biggest rollercoasters

Swim with Dolphins

See the northern lights

Go skiing/snowboarding

Do a colour run

Go white water rafting

Attend an Olympic event

Go swimming on Christmas Day

Ride a jet ski

Attend a Holi festival

Take part in a giant food fight

Go paragliding 

Go to a baseball game in America

Visit a chocolate factory

Fill my passport with stamps from around the world

Climb a Mountain

Do a Bungey Jump  

Go to Rio Carnival 

Go horse riding 

Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Have a drink in an Ice Bar

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

Hike a Glacier

Fly a plane

Visit the Grand Canyon

Fly first class

Ride the London Eye

Swim with Sea Turtles

See a musical on Broadway 

Visit the 9/11 memorial

See the Hollywood Sign

Volunteer abroad 

Walk the Great Wall of China