Hey! I’m Lauren. Drama and Theatre Art Graduate exploring the world one corner at a time. 

I am, like so many others, making this up as I go along, with one simple goal. To explore and experience as much of this incredible world we live in and learn about the people and cultures from across the globe and of course, enjoy myself!

How it began…

In 2014, I went to the USA with Camp America and worked at a summer camp in Vermont for 2 months before travelling down the east coast for another month. I stopped at loads of awesome places along the way, met loads of cool people and had such an amazing time that I lost any motivation to get a job in England after graduating .

Nevertheless I went home and completed the final year of my degree, getting through the year with a long weekend in Brussels at Christmas to tide over my itchy feet and then booked and paid for flights and a visa to New Zealand for 2 months after graduating. And so it began….

The blog…

I started the blog as a lazy way to update family and friends of where I was and what I was doing but it’s also my offering to other travel enthusiasts. I love reading through other travel blogs and picking up tips and advice but also just hearing other peoples stories and experiences from around the world and so whether it is wanted or not I decided to add my two pence in return.

I hope you enjoy you time at Exploreacorner. I’d love to hear from you whether you have a question or a story you want to share, you can comment on any post or drop me an email.

See you around!