I paid for my skydive 3 days after I arrived in New Zealand. 5 months later and I am in Taupo for the third time and decide it was time to finally do it!

I was picked up in a limo and drove to the airport where we were briefed and selected out photo and video options including the music for our videos, I was more nervous about choosing the wrong songs then jumping out of a plane at this point.  We were kitted up in jumpsuits and harnesses and I met my jump partner. We were loaded into the plane and up we went! The views of takeoff and the fly up were incredible. At 8,500ft we were given oxygen masks to help with our breathing(!) This made me nervous but It was still only underlying nerves and in comparison to my Bungey I was very chilled.  The plane reached 15,000ft and I was the second to jump. I sat on the edge of the plane with my feet dangling underneath, holding onto my parachute and my head back onto my jump partners shoulder. It was a very quick process from sitting in the plane, to dangling out the side, to jumping (being pushed) out of the plane which meant there was no time to be scared.   The freefall was incredible! The view was amazing and the feeling was indescribable. In fact I think my brain just stopped working and I couldn’t process emotion or thoughts at all. The freefall was just over a minute long although it didn’t feel anything near that. Time went so fast! If anyone is thinking of doing a skydive do 15,000ft not anything less as the freefall will be shorter and even at a minute it’s over too fast! 

 The parachute opened and I just laughed. It was an awesome feeling and so much fun! The ride down was awesome and we landed smoothly.   I adored the skydive! Just like with my Bungey I instantly wanted to do it again and I have a feeling that I will at some point in my life do another jump. I’m glad I waited a few months until I did it as I got a beautiful day and it was an awesome way to kick start the resumption of my travels.