Upon leaving Rotorua we joined a new bus with new people who we got to know on our way down to Taupo. That evening some of us went on a boat cruise on Lake Taupo (which is the size of Singapore!). It was a small boat but there were only 22 in all so we all had somewhere to sit. We first went to see some Maori carvings which were impressive but not historic as they were only a few decades old.  

It was a really beautiful evening and was a beautiful view looking from the lake to the snow capped mountains. The sun started to set as we pulled up and we were given the option of jumping into the water from the roof of the boat. No one seemed to keen, but, not wanting a good opportunity to go to waste, I stepped up and volunteered myself. 

I was thinking it couldn’t be colder then the waterfall in Auckland and it was such a nice evening and I didn’t know if I’d get the chance to swim in Lake Taupo again so I went for it. It was cold and a definite shock when I first plunged in but I had been right it was not quite as cold as the waterfall. I swam around the boat only to find the ladder hadn’t been put down. I had to pull myself out of the boat using my arms and scooting around. Unfortunately, the big screws from the ladder stuck out from the floor of the boat so I cut myself whilst getting out but everyone seemed more alarmed then me as I went ahead for another jump into the lake. 

We watched the sunset as we headed back to the harbour. Once back on dry land we headed to the bar where we spent the rest of the evening. It was a fun night and a nice way to spend the first evening with our new bus. We then deeply appreciated our free day the next morning when we could have a lie in.  

Me and Shauna went on a bike ride in the afternoon on our day off. Our aim was to head to Huka Falls which we had stopped at on our way into town. However, despite warnings from friends the day before we rented the cheap bikes from the hostel which had no suspension and no working gears. This made the rough terrain very difficult to negotiate and with our broken gears we were unable to cycle up steep inclines. We passed the bungee jumping spot and stopped to see a few people take their leap of faith before carrying on. We had to carry our bikes up what we initially thought to be a few steps but turned out to be a whole lot of steps and cycled a while longer before reaching a dead end with no clue how to get around to where we were heading.  

We cycled back and went around part of the lake before heading back to the hostel after 3 hours of cycling and feeling rather battered from the bikes. We recovered by watching a few films with other hostel guests before retiring to bed to get some sleep before we got back on the road again in the morning.

Lake Taupo was a really nice spot with beautiful views. Definitely a place to visit.