Me and Shauna decided to stay in Rotorua a couple of extra nights to relax plus there’s lots to do here.

We stayed at Rock Solid Backpabkers which is a awesome hostel! It’s got free wifi (Big deal in New Zealand), comfortable beds, awesome lounge with comfortable sofas and armchairs, beanbags, Xbox, loads of DVDs, books, games, pool table and ping pong. The staff are all really friendly too. We spent a lot of time sat in the lounge just reading and relaxing. We also watched a couple of DVDs.

Once we were dropped off and had stored our bags we decided to go luging. Luging involves sitting in what is essentially a plastic tub with wheels and then speeding down hills and attempting to steer your way around. It’s a lot of fun and some of the corners are intense as you pick up a lot of speed on the way down. I had a couple of tense moments when I thought I was gonna flip but my only injury was sustained when I came into the end too fast and my life tried to flip me onto the curve. I managed to stop myself from going over by putting my hand out but I cut my finger and woke up the next day with a nasty blood blister right on the top which had restricted the usefulness of that finger considerably.  We got a relatively early night and didn’t bother setting an alarm the next day so we could catch up on sleep. We were woken at 7am when we could hear the bin truck at the side of the building but went back to sleep and then dozed for longer until we eventually got up in the late morning. It was raining and forecast to do so all day and realised our original plans of Zorbing and going to a geothermal spa wouldn’t work out so decided to have a lazy day instead.

In the afternoon we went to the rock climbing wall which we could see from our Backpackers. Rock climbing was a lot of fun but quite hard work as a lot of the walls were tough and there were semi-professional climbers in there. There was one call wall that was like a chimney, enclosed on all sides which was a challenging climb but we both managed to do it. The same could not be said for all the walls.  The couple of days in Roturua showed a big difference in the safety focus between New Zeakand and the UK. New Zealand are very trusting and a lot more relaxed. On the luges they showed you how to use the brakes, gave you a helmet and off you went, lots of people all whizzing down simultaneously and overtaking at speed. At The Wall you were given a harness and showed how the ropes worked and then left to do your thing. No helmets and everyone responsible for themselves. There were even people free climbing and unaccompanied kids. It was cool in both places as you get the opportunity to have a lot more fun because you are trusted and allowed some freedom.

I really enjoyed my extra days in Roturua as I got to catch up on the sleep I dearly needed and got to try luging which I loved! Plus it was awesome we had such a nice hostel seeing as we did spend so much time chilling there. Would definitely come back here and stay in the same place.