If you are ever in New Zealand go to Waitomo and go Black Water Rafting in the Glowworm caves!!

This was the activity I was most excited for and boy did it deliver! There’s a selection of different tours they do including wet and dry. I did the 5 hour wet trip which was epic!! We went in a group of 9 plus 2 guides who were really awesome.

You descend into the caves 35m via abseil where part way down the hole closes up and you shimmery through before it opening back up into a very dark cave. Then you zipping further down into the cave. Our guides were really cool and laid back and we had a ¬†good laugh with them. Upon the first person setting off on the zipline one of them yells he didn’t attach her carabiner and we just hear her scream and the guy at the bottom making huge banging noises. The zipline was really cool though as everyone turned off their torches so you were ziplining in the pitch black.

Once we were all down the zipline we sat along the edge of the rock with the water below us and got flapjack and hot chocolate. It was here they asked us if we wanted to continue on the standard tour or go the other way for even more adventure and fun. We obviously picked more adventure and fun.

We jumped into the water with tubes (some people showed off with flips) but chucked the tubes back up straight away and start walking the other way. It was mixture of walking, swimming and staggering. There was a slide built into a little drop where we slid down and eventually came to a waterfall which we jumped off. It was really cool coz as we were walking under all the glowworms which were really cool as they lit above us.

We then stopped again and got chocolate and got orange squash this time- they seemed to be making sure out body temperature and energy levels stayed up. We needed it. We then had s really tight ceviche to climb up and through. It was tough and was a case of stretching and side stepping through. We then crawled tgrough a muddy tunnel which you half slid through and more small tunnels and tight squeezes.

We finished the trip by climbing up 2 waterfalls. This was one of the tougher parts of the trips as your legs were starting to feel a little fatigued and as we were free cloning it meant you really had to battle the water crashing down the fall as it would wipe you out otherwise. As our guides said, free climbing means free falling.

I really enjoyed every minute of the trip and would definitely do it again. It’s definitely one of the best, if not THE best thing I’ve ever done travelling or otherwise.