You may know it as Hot Water Beach, or you might not know it at all. It’s a perculiar phenomenon that occurs on a beach in the coromandel peninsula of New Zealand 1 and a half hours before and after low tide. 

Today was my first day on the Kiwi Experience bus and this was our first stop. We arrived at Hot Water Beach at 1:30pm so quickly checked in and headed down to the beach, spade in hand. 

There were already people down there in their pools so we tried digging next to one of them but only found cold water. We tried a few other spots but the best we could do was tepid water so we just stood in there and admired the view. We hadn’t changed into a swimsuit as it wasn’t all that warm but some of the guys went swimming.

We then got on the bus and drove down to Cathedral Cove. It then took us 30minutes to walk down to the beach, the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day and along the way we got some awesome views and the beach itself was stunning. It felt although you had stepped into a postcard! It would be a beautiful place to just sit for the day. Whilst we were down there the weather suddenly turned and it started chucking it down. We stood in the cove undercover and just looked out. Even with the rain it was still beautiful and somehow there was still a blue sky.  


 Eventually, Me and Shauna decided to make a break for not and start the walk back up. Then when it felt like I had been punched in the shoulder we realised there were hold all sized hail stones! The steps at the start of our walk back up had turned into a waterfall. We started to make our way up and then as quickly as it had started the rain and hail stopped.  

I really loved Cathedral Cove and would have loved to stay longer! Maybe somewhere to go back to.