Waheke Island is a 35minute ferry ride from Auckland but it’s completely different. It was a very windy ride despite it being a really warm and sunny day. I arrived onto the island with hair in a tangled windswept knot and got on a bus heading to EcoZip. It was a very scenic drive as we headed to higher land and the view from EcoZip HQ was awesome!

We all got strapped into our harnesses and helmets and were ready to ride! The first zip was very gentle yet still fun with nice views. It took us over a small vineyard below us. Me and Shannon, our Canadian friend, rode together but we both took off and THEN realised our cameras weren’t on the right settings. It just means we will never be able to share the view from that first zip except for using good old fashioned describing words. Eg. Awesome.

The second zip was bigger and the third and final zip was even more so. Longer, higher, steeper and even better views! My camera didn’t want to start before I took off on the second zip but by the time I reached the end it had started recording and I couldn’t stop it so ended up recording the final zip. I enjoyed zip-lining, it’s not a jam packed adrenaline activity but it was cool way to see the views of the island. 

We had a 30minute walk back to EcoZip HQ through the bush and then cleaned off our muddy shoes and were given a lift down to “Wild on Waheke”, one of the many vineyards on the island. However, they were really busy and their kitchen was backed up and the boys were hungry so we decided to walk into the village for a late lunch. 50minutes later we looked at a map at a bus stop and realised we had come only a fraction of the way. In fact it would take another hour and a half to get back to the ferry so we decided to get the bus. We had a bit of a wait but were perfectly content in the sun.

By the time we got to the village and chosen a thai restaurant out of the selection available it was dinner time. I had an amazing tasting platter and the boys got a glass of wine so even though we never tasted wine from one of the vineyards they did still get a glass on Waheke.   We were exhausted on our way back and were struggling to stay awake on the ferry. I was happy to finally rest my head and get to sleep that night.