A frequent question I was asked before I left England was “Why New Zealand?”. Part of me wants to just answer “Why not?!” I want to go to a lot of places, do I need a specific reason other than to see something new? However, New Zealand has always held an appeal for me since I was told about it as a work exchange programme in 6th form. But today was a perfect example of why I came.

Stray took us on a free one day trip and we saw just how stunning New Zealand could be. Waitakere Ranges Reigonal Park was our first stop where we went on a walk and saw the tree which inspired Avatar, it really was just a stunning walk the entire way around.  

We stopped to appreciate a view of the city before heading towards the beach, again having to stop just to take in the awesome aerial view we had of the beach before driving down into the town of Piha.  

We went to climb the rock formation (more steps) and Take in the views whilst the guys from stray got the BBQ going. We then ate our lunch on the beach with an awesome view.    

 After lunch we went and hiked the Hillary Trail which was stunning. It took about an hour including a stop at the waterfall where me and two of the guys went swimming. It was so cold! It was impossible to breathe when you submerged your torso in the water and it just felt like everything froze inside you.   

 We completed the trail but then it meant it was time to come back into the city. It was a shame as the day had given a taste for what was out there and made me desperate to leave the city ASAP so that I can start exploring more of this beautiful country.

Adventure is out there.