Tuesday night was the IEP pub meet. We met at 5 then headed down with other travellers to Cassette 9 which was a really funky bar around the corner. We got food and a drink with 20% off thanks to IEP and whilst I only got a “light snack” or crispy chicken it took me a while to finish even with help. 

We hung around until 9pm as this is one things really got into the swing. The place suddenly filled out as backpackers from all around Auckland showed up for a good night out. Everyone was given a free drink and a raffle ticket for later in the night and every time you brought a drink you received another ticket. The drinks were also only $5 each and the prizes ranged from drinks to kiwi experience tours and skydives! I was determined to win so used the opportunity to stock up on drinks.A couple of hours later and the winners had all be announced and I was not among them. James from our group though won a teapot of alcohol though which he shared around.

The DJ then took over and we had a good dance and the music was some pretty decent dance remixes. It was a really good vibe and there were literally people from all around the globe packed into this little 1st floor bar.

If you’re in Auckland and looking for a good night out Cassette 9 is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Good people, good drinks, good prices and good fun.