This is everything that’s gone wrong in the 3 days we were in Hong Kong. 

-Please refrain from reading if you will worry about me unnecessarily.-

Upon arriving in Hong Kong we were told it was a very safe place but that we should know a taxi shouldn’t cost more then HK$50 and that we should still stick together at night. Fair enough really.

First night and a few from our group went out to a club, one guy got a taxi back alone earlier than the others and the driver did try to charge $200! It took a bit of arguing and threats of calling his company but he eventually got down to $60 and just settled and left. Meanwhile the others were still out and whilst in a bar one of the guys started feeling quite drunk but once back at the hotel he realised it wasn’t drunk and that he might have been spiked. He went to the hospital and found out that he had in fact been spiked but luckily it wasn’t enough for any major effect.

We got through the second day without any major incidents but then the third day was a bit of a drama. We all had a very chilled morning, getting all our luggage organised and hanging out on the pool terrace reading and playing cards then as arranged headed down with our luggage at 2:20pm as we had been told (repeatedly) to do so by Lyonna, our tour guide. We were sat on the bus ready to go at 2:30 but realised we were missing two people, and we hadn’t seen them at all that day. Lyonna was running around trying to find them but with no sign of them or the bags, despite the fact they had checked out of the room we could do nothing but leave to go on our tour with Lyonnas number left at the front desk if they appeared. Another 10 minutes later Lyonna recieved a call to say they had appeared but by this time we were on our way so couldn’t go back to collect them until 4pm.

It reached 4pm and we stopped outside the hotel and Lyonna went in to collect the girls and 5 minutes later we were on our way for the last stop of the day. Until someone asks if we’re short one person. I look around and do a count and realise there’s only 19 people on board, a double check and we realise one guy had got off the bus to go to the loo when we had stopped and hadn’t got back on! Back to the hotel again we go.

The last near disaster of the trip occurred right at the end. We had all checked in and gone through security where a few people split up to go browse different shops or get food. We all meet up again at the gate around 45minutes before departure except we are short one guy. We weren’t worried at first but then it got to 30minutes to go and we were starting to wonder where he was, minutes tick by, the Australia lot come and say goodbye and people start boarding our flight and there’s still no sign of him. It’s eventually with 20minutes to go that he strolls up and tells he got lost and didn’t realise how long it would take to get to the gate. Granted the airport is huge. 

But despite all these near misses we all (at least all the New Zealand group) got on the plane and arrived in Auckland in one piece!

So lessons to take from this?

  • Know how much something should cost and don’t be afraid to argue to avoid getting conned.
  • ALWAYS keep and eye on your drink!!! Whether home or away, male or female, just be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be on time! If you are told to be somewhere at a certain time. Be there! Get there early if possible, especially if it’s important!
  • Tell people where you’re going if you’re wandering away from a group.
  • Figure out where you need to be before you need to be there!

Happy travel is safe travel!