On route to New Zealand (or for some Australia) we have a 3 day over in Hong Kong. It was an 11 and a half hour flight but very few of us managed to sleep. (That’s what excitement will do to you). The flying itself was a relatively comfortable experience as we were served food, given a blanket and pillow and had an array of movies and TV to watch. We arrived around 7am Hong Kong time and seeing as we couldn’t check into our hotel yet we left our bags and went on an expedition to visit “Big Buddha”. I say expedition because 15 of 20 decided to go and we were trying our hardest to stick together through the shuttle bus, 2 subways and local bus to arrive together. We did succeed and eventually arrived late morning.

Big Buddha really was impressive and the area and architecture around him was beautiful. We climbed the 260 steps to reach him and the views were worth it even if we were all tired, jet lagged and smelly. We had a wonder around and went to the Monastery which was really beautiful, locals came to pray and worship here so it really was a spiritual place to be. 

Just before getting back on the bus a few of us grabbed some lunch at a stall for our first Chinese meal and I was impressed. I went simple and just had noodles with sausage meat but I did get to try some of their dumplings which were really good and I even ate with chopsticks. Plus it was a lot more cultured then the subway and McDonalds others had on our way back.  

We spent the rest of the day having a swim, showering (at long last!!), and then got dinner and some drinks at the hotel before finally getting some sleep after being awake for 35 hours straight!