There’s not much of a plan actually but I thought I would at least share with you the building blocks of a plan which may occur at some point (though to be honest I don’t mind if I never do quite develop a proper plan as I don’t want to restrict myself so it may be a case of taking each day as it comes).

I have booked with BUNAC a travel company that offers different working holidays in a variety of countries. They have helped me with preparation including sorting out my visa and I will have access to their continued support once I arrive from an arrival orientation to job listings and social events to get to meet other travellers.

I booked on their group flight option which means I will be flying out with other BUNACers and even get a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong. This option meant I paid the fixed price and they booked it all for me from the flight to the accommodation in Hong Kong and a guided tour and night out. Plus I get to travel with other people which means company for the long flight as well as the ability to connect with other travellers before I even land.

I depart England on Thursday 17th September and arrive in Honk Kong at approximately 8am Friday 18th, however this would be midnight back in England so I could be suffering with serious jet lag here. I get 2 nights in Hong Kong and then have an overnight flight onto Auckland arriving midday on Monday 21st. Once I arrive here I have 2 nights booked in a hostel included in my BUNAC package but that is the end of pre-booked arrangements or any finalised plans.

I have had many people shocked when I’ve told them how little I have booked in advance however I don’t want to limit my options once I arrive because I’ve already committed to a specific job or travel journey. The advice I have found through BUNAC has agreed with this as they host social gatherings in Auckland and the group flight I am booked on gives me plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers who might have ideas and plans that give me inspiration or even people who want to travel together for some company. I also get a comprehensive arrival orientation which will include lots of information from travel options and job opportunities which might also give me ideas.

My generalise plan whilst I am out in New Zealand is to visit Northland first and then travel south. This is just because I arrive in Auckland and logically it makes sense to visit the only district further north first and then just travel down the county visiting where interests me along the way as opposed to jumping around because this will take longer and cost more money.

I do plan to make use of my working holiday visa whilst I am in New Zealand and make money as a way to fund my trip so I don’t have to make as big a dent into my savings. I’ve looked into Work for Accommodation a lot especially at hostels as this is a great chance to get free accommodation and sometimes other perks such as internet, international calls and laundry facilities in exchange for a few hours work a day. I may also pursue job opportunities in theatre so that I can continue working in my preferred career however it will all depend on where I am and how long I want to stay in a specific place for.

I am really excited to get out there and see where I go. I have a list of things I want to see and do whilst I’m there and I’m excited to tick them off. I will try my hardest to keep this site updated as my plans develop and I go new places.

Happy Travels.