Olu Deniz is home to the best Paragliding spot in Europe and is one of the highest commercial take-off sites in the world. Flights launch from Babadag Mountain in Fethiye which has a height of about 6500ft (1960 m).—-

In 2013, I was on a family holiday in Olu Deniz when me and my sister decided to go Paragliding. We were able to book through our holiday rep and were soon getting into a van with our pilots and some other customers with a promise to our mum that we would see her on the beach (our landing zone) in about an hours time.

The journey up the mountain was a nerve wracking one. The road (if you can call it that) was steep, winding and had no barrier in between the van and a very steep drop down. The van driver was either very confident of the drive or not aware of how close we were to this drop as rocks from our path tippled over the edge as we passed.

Once we were up in one piece it was time to come back down. We got kitted up in our fetching gear and got hooked onto our pilot before running the few shorts steps off the mountain. The wind picks you up before you make it the edge of the paved section and suddenly you are drifting tough the air with breath taking views ahead.


The sights were incredible. We got a full birds eye view of Olu Deniz below us, views of the mountain we had taken off from behind us, including the odd mountain goat precariously perched here and there and spectacular views of the beaches and the Blue Lagoon.


The pilot gave me the chance to steer us using the two pulleys that dictated left and right before taking back over to perform some acrobatic like moves as we spiralled faster down and had some faster twists and turns. It was fun to have that variation  and get a chance to go faster as it added a little adrenaline into the mix of the otherwise peaceful relaxing flight. How much of this you do is your decision but the more acrobatic sections equals faster descents however I was in the air for  very reasonable 40 minutes before coming in low over Olu Deniz and landing on the beach where my mum and brothers were waiting. I have got to say though my landing was not graceful.


The whole experience was amazing and I was chuffed with the photos they had taken on our route down and whilst it did require forking out for them I thought they were well worth it. I was even more impressed with some of the photos I took on my cheap old camera which really is just a testament to how stunning it actually was.