Every now and again my sister suggests we do something she has seen in passing on the Internet. Sometimes these are crazy things, sometimes it might just be a recipe she found for an indulgent dessert. In the lead up to Christmas 2013 it was the White Christmas Day Dip which had caught her eye.

The White Christmas Day Dip is a fundraising event for Mamillam. People raise money for the charity by taking a dip in the sea in Cheistmas morning, sometimes in crazy costume. Me and my sister opted to go without the fancy dress however decided to go hardcore and go in bikinis only with no wet suits.

Christmas morning 2013, about 10 minutes before we were due to run into the sea, hailstones the size of golf balls began to fall from the sky. The sea was extremely choppy and it was feared they may cancel the event, however after approval to go ahead we joined hundreds of other people as we ran into the freezing cold ocean.

I don’t think I could accurately describe how cold it actually was. Me and my sister only ran up to about our waists though the violent waves endured we were showered in the Icy water. As we ran back out my feet were in severe pain simply due to how cold they were. I ran straight to my brother waiting with the towels but who was smugly standing with all our clothes draped over him looking very warm.

It certainly was memorable and I would consider doing it again as a way to raise some money for charity.