Tennessee is home to the Ocoee river, the most popular white water rafting river in the United States so of course we had a stop scheduled to check it out. We went rafting with Cascade and stayed at their camping site that night too- though when I say campsite I mean a field where they let you camp.

The section of river in which we went rafting is graded as a class 4 rapids (out of a possible 6) meaning it was action packed. We covered a 5 mile stretch which took about an hour and a half to complete and it was insane. Whilst I managed not to fall out of the boat at all, I did fall into it a few times. Others weren’t as fortunate, especially when our rafting guide told one of the guys to sit on the front of the boat with feet dangling out. It was highly amusing for us and a rough ride for him.


Around the halfway mark there was a calmer section where we could jump out and swim/drift down river a while before climbing back in before hitting the next section of rapids. All of us but one managed to get into the boat in time, the other had to be saved by another boat and then climb between boats later on. Then as we continued down the rapids we hit more drama as another boat of rafters were jumping into the from a rock, fine, however one guy decided it would be a fantastic idea to jump in right in front of us and there no breaks when White Water Rafting meaning we essentially ran him over.


It was a great afternoon and I had so much fun. It’s hard work on the paddling, especially when you want to reverse and paddle upstream into the rapids, but it’s definitely worth the exertion. Don’t jump into the water in front of a boat and you’ll be fine!