I was on a Camp America Trek with 13 other people and we were in Washington DC. After a day sight seeing and visiting museums Liz, our driver/guide, suggested a baseball game and hooked us up with cheap tickets.

As we settled into our seats Liz pulled out face crayons to decorate our faces in Washington Nationals, the home teams, colours. We all really got into it and cheered on the Nats as they played against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Between our group we got a good selection of traditional baseball game snacks and food and began to learn the chants- when to clap in the chants took more practice. One of my mates even insisted on getting a foam finger.


In between innings (don’t shoot me if I’m getting the terminology wrong here), there were racing bobble head presidents and various other crazy entertainment.

The Washington Nats won the game and most of us decided they would from now on be “our” team- though I admit I have not followed baseball since. As everyone else started to clear out Liz persuaded a security guy to let us down nearer the pitch. We may have used the international card to our advantage here. We also all got certificates to commemorate our first ever Baseball game.


So to anyone going to America I would highly recommend going to see a baseball game. You can get tickets at a very reasonable price and it is a lot of fun and you can’t help but get into the spirit of things even if you’re not a keen sports fan.