I was sat in my psychology class age 17 when I saw a poster for Camp America. The idea of travel always appealed to me and after a bit of research I loved the idea of doing Camp America that summer. Unfortunately, I am an August baby and to participate in Camp America you are required to be 18 years of age by June 1st of the summer you are going, meaning I would not be old enough to participate that year, but the idea had been planted.

That same year my school was hosting a exchange programme with a school in New Zealand. A student from New Zealand would come stay with you for 6 months and work at the school part time to earn some money and then you’d go to New Zealand and do the same. I applied for this programme and got down to the last two candidates however they choose the other person. It seemed I just wasn’t destined to travel yet and I decided to go to University.

A year and a half later I was at the start of my second year of University when I saw a stand for Camp America and I decided it was time to apply. So that Summer I spent 2 months working at a Summer Camp in Vermont before spending a month travelling down the east coast. It was such a fantastic summer and it fuelled my desire to travel and see more of the world.

Camp AmericaI arrived home in September and went back for my final year of University. Within a couple of months though I had a major case of itchy feet. Me and my sister went to Brussels for a few days just before Christmas in a bid to provide some relief but I knew I needed to go travelling again. In the New Year, as my friends started thinking about possible plans post graduation I was researching travel possibilities.

I decided I had waited long enough and wanted to go to New Zealand. At first it began with me imagining a month long trip but then a friend suggested going for the whole NZ summer and working at festivals along my way which I liked the sound of but then eventually I said Hell I’m gonna go for a whole year! I found BUNAC and after a lot of research I decided it was the way to go. I booked my place as well as a seat on a group flight on September 17th 2015 and told my family and friends I was heading to New Zealand once I graduated.

And that’s where I am now.

I will be keeping this blog updated with my travels as I go as well a stories from past experiences. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and maybe even find something useful here whether it be inspiration or advice.

See you on the road.